About Kifanga

Kifanga is an online modular conversion, encoding and encryption tool that helps people to convert text and files from one format to another. Kifanga is best known for its popular translations that are done in the browser without any server interaction.

“We help people with easy to use conversion and translation tools that are fast and reliable.”


We bought the domain name Kifanga in 2017. The site was incredibly slow to take off. We’ve started over a dozen sites that we’ve built up to success, Kifanga was by far the slowest to grow.

We started Kifanga as a blog and even after a couple of months, we could never grow it past about 10, 000 visits per month. Eventually, we stopped the blog and said something like “Ugh. Let’s just stop this foolishness of trying to help other people learn how to do conversions by just creating a helpful software tool ourselves. Nobody is listening to us.”

In fact, we decided to just sell Kifanga and be done with it. We were on a phone call with a business broker and were determined to sell the business. At the very last possible second, we decided to hold off. As soon as I (Peter) hung up the phone from that call, I had the distinct feeling that we had just dodged a bullet. As it would turn out, Kifanga would eventually become a 7 figure per year business.

So, we spent a year and a half focused on building niche sites like Jcrik and Quick Sprite. Every Wednesday after classes Allan and Peter would head off to work for an hour. We did our research online on Google and various forums and we were surprised when we saw there was a market for our idea.

Kifanga didn’t take off until we started focusing on the backend software, and when we did, it we accomplished more in a month that we had in the previous year. Peter being a software engineer was mandated to coming up with the backend software that would power the business.

The frontend of the website is built on top of the Cryptii web framework built by Fränz Friederes. Special thanks for his work and his contribution to open source community. Check out his amazing project on Github to learn how this JavaScript framework works.

We’d like to also thank Xpress Craft for the amazing logo they made for our site and all the people involved in this project

Today, you could fill a sports stadium with the number of people that use our tools each day. We’ve grown Kifanga beyond just ourselves, with Allan and I working together to provide the best tools for our customers.