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Hi, I’m Peter Mukundi. I help people land their dream job as a software developer.

I taught myself to code in 2016 and I have obsessed with helping others do the same.

Some might call me a full stack developer in that I work in everything from HTML/CSS, JavaScript, PHP and SQL.

My true love is building new applications and application features that result in an awesome user interaction.

It has become a passion of mine that I find more and more exciting with every new application I deliver.

The challenge of working on a team to create solutions never gets old.

And after working on a variety of projects, I am still enthusiastic about finding better approaches to provide solutions as a developer.

From the moment I produced “Hello World” in the console of my first application, I knew I was hooked into the world of software development.

But software development has never been “just a job” for me, it has offered an engaging challenge to continually learn and improve my skills in creating high-quality software.

What started with a simple “Hello World” has become a full-fledged passion that only gets more exciting as the years go by.

If I’m not working on a computer you can find me relieving stress at the gym, watching an EPL game or travelling the planet.

If you’re looking to teach yourself how to code and get your career started as a programmer.

Check out my blog where I share actionable tips and strategies to build a strong skill set as a self-taught programmer.

And most importantly, I also help you understand the process of how to get hired when you don’t have a fancy computer science degree and you have no experience.

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