10 Free Encryption Software Tools For Windows and Mac

What are some of the best and free encryption software ready for taking? As you well know that encryption is the best way to keep your digital information secure.

So what does data encryption mean?

It’s simply the use of a key and an algorithm to make data and information inaccessible to third parties. In order to access the original message and meaning one needs to decode the encrypted data.

To successfully do this you need to know both the key and the algorithm that was used to encode the data. Encryption is important to keeping sensitive information secure from cyber-attacks and other online threats.

Encryption is also used to ensure private and secure communications over insecure networks such as the internet. Today it can be hard to find the best free encryption software for your needs since there are so many out there.

For this reason, I have compiled this list of the best encryption software tools you can start using right away for your needs. These free encryption tools will make your data inaccessible to all kinds of attacks.

Whether your data is stored locally on your PC or being sent over the internet…

You still need a bit of encryption to ensure it’s safe. I have personally tested and reviewed 75 free and paid encryption software tools. The list features tools for both Windows and Mac users and you can download and test the software for free in the links provided.

Free Encryption Software for Windows


AxCrypt is an open source software for Windows that supports 128-bit AES encryption. You can easily encrypt a file with this tool using just a simple right click. AxCrypt tool also allows one to encrypt a collection of files or folders at once. The other advantage is that you can encrypt a file for a specific period of time.


BitLocker is a full disk encryption software that supports both AES 128 and AES 256 bit. BitLocker is used to encrypt the entire disk, you can even encrypt whole volumes. It has various authentication schemes built into Windows. BitLocker is considered the most viable tool for disk encryption purposes.


VeraCrypt is a files encryption software that supports AES 256 bit, Serpent encryption ciphers and Two Fish algorithms. It is a successor of TrueCrypt that was phased out due to security reasons. VeraCrypt has enhanced security to enable secure files and folders encryption. To help people moving from TrueCrypt, VeraCrypt allows users to convert the files under TrueCrypt to the format in VeraCrypt.


7-Zip tool is mainly used to compress files but it can also be used as an encryption tool. It supports 256-bit AES encryption. 7-Zip tool is also used as command line utility and provides secure and portable encrypted files. With this tool, users can encrypt entire volumes. It is readily available for free download in Windows though there are also unofficial builds for both Linux and OS X.


DiskCryptor is an open source encryption software that is used for locking the disk partitions and system partitions. It supports AES-256, Serpent and Two Fish algorithm. DiskCryptor supports multi-boot options. It delivers high performance and provides full support for external storage devices like CD and DVD.

Lacie Private-public

Lacie private-public is an open source tool that supports AES-256 encryption. This tool allows you to store your private data by creating an encrypted volume. The advantage of this tool is that it is portable and therefore, you can directly run the application on your computer without installation. It stores all the configuration data in your Windows registry rather than on the computer itself. This feature allows users without administrative privileges to run the application. With this tool, you can access private data on encrypted drives just as you would on normal hard drives.

Free Encryption Software for Mac

Cisden AppCrypt for Mac

Cisdem AppCrypt is considered as the best encryption software for Mac users. With this tool, you can easily lock your apps and websites without any modifications on the system or application files. It has the ability to encrypt all files but has no built-in feature to encrypt individual files. It easily works with blocking Mac apps like Contacts, iPhoto, iTunes, Safari, Mail, and Quicken. It keeps logs of failed attempts to access the blocked apps and websites with date, time, and photo.

GNU Private Guard

GNU Private Guard is the best email encryption software that allows you to encrypt and keep your data safe. It is a good alternative for Symantec’s PGP cryptographic software suite. GPG is a hybrid Mac encryption software program that uses a combination of conventional symmetric key cryptography for speed, and public key cryptography for ease of secure key exchange. GNU private guard package offers key chain exchange management, file, email, and disk encryption. It is available for download for both Windows and Mac.


FileVault is considered the best disk encryption software for Mac users of OS X 10.7, and later. It is a method of using encryption with volumes on Mac computers. One of the best features is that encryption and decryption are performed on the fly. FileVault 2 has the ability to encrypt the entire OS X startup volume including the home directory. FileVault 2 can help you prevent access to documents and other data stored on the startup disk. You need to create a master password in order to access encrypted files just in case the user account password is lost.


BetterUnarchiver is the best zip files encryption software. Normally this tool is a compression and decompression program but it can also encrypt files. It creates password protected zipped files on Mac with a single click. It also makes working with the three formats of compressed files very easy. You can pack all your important files in an encrypted, password-protected archive by compressing your file and selecting a password to protect your archived file.

Now I want to hear from you.

Which are your best encryption software tools for Windows and Mac?

Or maybe I missed one of your favorite encryption software.

Either way, let me by leaving a comment below.


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