About Peter Mukundi

Peter Mukundi is a well-known software engineer and co-founder of Kifanga. His sites and tools have been used tens of millions of times.


In 2016, I started my campus journey. I decided to take a bachelor’s degree in software engineering at Multimedia University of Kenya. I kind of liked for the first semester but honestly it was a pain in the back. So, I decided why not try coming up with a project to help in learning programming concepts.

From that moment, every day after classes, I watched Traversy Media YouTube videos about web development and programming tutorials, and it wasn’t long before I started my own site.

I made it into software development and worked all day in the computer science books, and at night I’d write on my little blog, kifanga.com. Eventually, I built that site into a thriving business and ran it full-time for two years.

I absolutely loved internet marketing, so I started more websites about my many hobbies and interests. I built jcrik.com, quickstripes.com, and many others.

In 2018 I started Kifanga.com with my life-long friend Allan Kega. We researched on the best way we could improve our coding skills. After a few months we decided to come up with a tool to help in translations and encryptions that did not require server interaction.

However, during our research we found out that such tools existed already. This did not stop us either way. I was greatly inspired by cryptii open source web framework and hence decided against reinventing the wheel but build on top of it.

With the knowledge I have been learning from tutorials I started coding the backend of the business. I mostly used PHP and JavaScript to build a custom backend framework for the site. Later, we integrated with the frontend and the rest is history.

Every single day, enough people use our tools for everyday conversions, encoding and decoding. My goal when I wake up each morning is to help other people have a fast and reliable online tool for their tasks.