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What Kifanga is All About

Kifanga is where everyone turns to get the best computer security tips and how to stay safe online.

My blog is all about teaching you insanely actionable Computer Security, Cyber Security and data protection strategies that you can use to keep your information safe.

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As you can see, my blog publishes articles that focus on computer security case studies, real life examples, actionable tips and suggestions from readers like you.

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About Peter Mukundi

peter mukundi

Kifanga was founded by Peter Mukundi, a computer security enthusiast.

Peter started a site in the security space in 2016. He created Kifanga to teach the techniques he learned along the way.

Since launching Kifanga, Peter has made a name for himself by publishing practical techniques that both beginners and experts can utilize to keep their information safe from attacks. Kifanga is now one of the most popular computer security blogs online.

And he’s built this growing platform while studying a bachelors degree in software engineering at Multimedia University.