Cryptography Exclusive Guides

How can we keep our data and information secure at all times? Is encryption enough.

People say, “if I have a good encryption software, my data is completely secure”.

If only the world was that fair…

If you’re determined to protect your data and information from attacks then learning cryptography will be the answer.

Otherwise, it would be better if you didn’t bother using encryption software in the hope that your data is secure.

From today I’m going to show you cryptographic techniques that will almost guarantee that your data is secure and safe from attacks.

By learning cryptography you will be able to understand how various encryption software work to keep your data and information security.

Learn cryptography (online), the clever way and keep your data and information security.

In this free online cryptography training course, I will be guiding you from basics to advanced levels in a fun and easy to understand tutorials.

So is cryptography hard to learn?

Tell you what? This is not rocket science and you will be surprised when you realize you have been using cryptography every day.

Learning cryptography is fun and exciting when you have the right resources.

There are some good cryptography books that will help you move with speed as you continue to study this art.

Cryptography meaning

Cryptography refers to the study of techniques used to secure communication and share information while limiting access by third parties that could be listening in the communication medium.

To put it simply, cryptography is the art of writing and solving codes for the purpose of data and information security.

Are you interested in finding out more about ciphers and codes?

The Codebreakers – The Story of Secret Writing book by David Kahn is what I would start with.

What is here to learn?

Ciphers – detailed explanation for various cryptographic ciphers. For example, block cipher, stream cipher, Caesar cipher, vigenere cipher, Playfair cipher, and many more.

Cryptanalysis – here you will find step-by-step guides on how to break various encryption schemes using well-known attacks like frequency analysis.

Are you interested in learning how to break codes?

The Elementary Cryptanalysis – A Mathematical Approach book by Abraham Sinkov is what I would recommend.

Happy learning cryptography here at Kifanga.